Wrens, GA/EAA Chapter 172 Spring Fling Fly-In

The 1998 Wrens Spring Fling Fly-In was a greater success than last year's event. Over 75 Aircraft of all types, sizes, colors and materials from Conventional Aircraft, Experimentals, Gyroplanes, Ultralights, to Powered Parachutes all attended this event.

Thanks to John Magnan for planning this great event and to all the EAA 172 members who helped, especially Tom Collins and Tom Garcia, for roasting the pig Friday night.

The special report on the 1998 Wrens Spring Fling Fly-In is below

Ken Rayburn & Charles Barreras in the Cub Charles welcoming in some members of Chapter 690 Chapter Members enjoying the afternoon ASU Aviation Club and EAA Chapter 172 members having a little fun

The Awards At the 1998 Wrens Fly-In

Grand Champion Contemporary Airplane: Cliff Holt  Citabria
Reserve Champion Contemporary Airplane: P. Cooper Cessna 172
Grand Champion Classic/Antique Airplane: Jim Jatho Cessna 195
Reserve Champion Classic/Antique Airplane: Everett Parks Luscombe 8A
Grand Champion Experimental Airplane: Ray Sheffield Stits Playmate
Reserve Champion Experimental Airplane: John Brookman RV6
Grand Champion Ultralight/Light Plane: Ike Eisenhower Pioneer 1 Flightstar
Reserve Champion Ultralight/Light Plane: Archie Graham N-3 Pup 
Grand Champion Rotorcraft: Jamie Bodie Bensen B-8M
Reserve Champion Rotorcraft: Mike Gibson Bensen B-8M 
Grand Champion Powered Parachute:  Tack Johnson Green Buckeye 
Reserve Champion Powered Parachute: Tim Hill Red Buckeye 
Ladies Choice Award: Jim Jatho Cessna 195
City of Wrens Award -- Best of Show:  Everett Parks Luscombe 8A

The 1998 Wrens Fly-In

More Aircraft In Attendance Than The 1997 Boshears Air Show!

The weather was perfect. Aircraft began arriving early on Friday with the first being Richard Fender's Searey. By the end of the day 24 aircraft had come in. Also arriving in the morning were the Collins and Rayburns and their motor homes as well as the Connells and Allens. Tom Collins started on the pig early that morning, helped by the dozen or so members present at that time. The tents were put up and everything readied for the meal that evening. Between 75 and 100 members and guests were present for the festivities under the tents on Friday. They ate and talked until late that evening. Augusta State University Aviation Club Members were there helping out and welcoming the pilots.

Prior preparations had been made for the visitors, aircraft, pilots and ultralights. Ken Rayburn spent a lot of time on Thursday painting the grass runway lines. O.B. Brown, Ralph Powell, Mark Slone and John Magnan had spent the prior two weeks cutting grass, trimming weeds on the tarmack and runway, cleaning up things a bit and preparing the hangar and office for the expected guests. Mark Slone packed the pilot packets each pilot would get.

The weather was also balmy all day Saturday. During the day 47 more aircraft were signed in for a total of 71 aircraft. EAA 172 members Mark Slone & O.B. Brown and ASU Aviation Club members Charles Barreras, Jr., Richelle Phillips and Rick Freier welcomed the pilots with pilot packets. Some say that eight or ten other planes came in but their pilots did not sign in. Although spotlanding contests were planned and scheduled none of the pilots were that interested in the contests. They just wanted to visit and fly. Also during the day Wyman Fox flew 19 new Young Eagles and Jamail Larkin gave tours of the aircraft in the Wrens hangar, showing the visitors how to do a preflight check of an airplane.

Of the 71 registered aircraft this was the breakdown:

Conventional aircraft: 44

Of these 22 were Cessnas and 7 were experimentals.

Warbirds: 1

Ultralight/light planes: 14

Gyros: 5

Powered Parachutes: 7

The awards ceremony was held at noon. Mayor of Wrens J.J. Rabun made a short speech of welcome and then, along with President Dennis Allen and Fly-In Chairman John Magnan, gave out the awards. During the morning anonymous judges who knew specific types of aircraft chose the best in different classes.

The day slowly wound down and most aircraft left by dark. On Sunday, the remaining motorhomes left and the last aircraft to leave was also the first to arrive: Richard Fender's Searey.

If you were at the 1998 Wrens Fly-In and you have photos you would like to see here, eMail them to the WebMaster and they will be posted to this page.

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