Wrens, GA/EAA Chapter 172 Spring Fling Fly-In

The 2000 Wrens Spring Fling Fly-In was a great success even though it was a bit warm and a couple of Dust Devils blew in and did some damage.   66 Aircraft of all types, sizes, colors and materials from Conventional Aircraft, Experimentals, Gyroplanes, Ultralights, to Powered Parachutes and Trikes all attended this event.

The special report on the Wrens Spring Fling Fly-In is below

 Sue Rayburn working in the EAA 172 Food Trailer Preparing the food Club members and guests enjoying the fine food.
Photos courtesy of Richelle Phillips

The Wrens Fly-In

Finally: Good Weather During the Wrens Fly-in

This year the Wrens Fly-In was blessed with exceptionally fine weather. There was some thermal activity, though, on Friday, and a couple of "Dust Devils" blew in. One flipped an ultralight aircraft. Another almost took down a tent. The first motorhome arrived on Thursday, May 4. Aircraft started arriving on Friday, the 5th -- by that evening twenty-six aircraft of all types were registered. Forty more came in on Saturday.  The final, corrected count of aircraft was 66, two fewer than last year and five fewer than 1998.  Many more ultralights might have come had it not been for a large ultralight fly-in being held on the same weekend as the Wrens Fly-in. Friday evening was the great pig barbecue and this year there was enough for all.
 Visitors standing in front of Ken Rayburn's Cub with an MX in the background Member Richelle Phillips greeting and signing in a visiting pilot The Young Eagles planes -- parked here to fly new Young Eagles at the fly-in
Photos courtesy of Richelle Phillips
The highlight of the fly-in was the number of people who worked together to make it happen.  Kim and Terry Evans brought in at least eight vendors and did much advertising of the event. Tom Collins, Tom GARCIA and Randy Powell set up the new electrical service for the motorhomes. Freeman Newman obtained the award plaques. Ralph Powell, O.B. Brown, John Magnan and others mowed the grounds and cleaned up around and in the office and hangar. Terry Stout rounded up the ultralighters. Kim Evans advertised on radio and in the newspaper. Rich Gabor handle a lot of word-of-mouth advertising and other activities. John Magnan did much of the paperwork for the fly-in. Ken Rayburn, Tom GARCIA and Tom Collins handled the aircraft coming in. Bobby Miller, an airport neighbor, handled the auto parking.  Pam Collins, Kim Evans and their friend Shirley stuffed the pilot packets. Richelle Phillips, aided by Kim Evans and Pam Collins, greeted the pilots and passed out the pilot packets to them. Many club members including Dennis Allen and Ken Rayburn brought up the tables and chairs from the Pea Patch. Maureen Rhodes and her Aerospouse group, including Pam Collins and Fay Allen, worked in the food trailer. Ken Rayburn oversaw the tent raising activities. Tom GARCIA, Tom Collins and Terry Evans prepared the meat both Friday and Saturday evenings. Al Patton guided the judging of the aircraft. There are many others who helped but this shows that it was a group endeavor.

The weather was also warm on Saturday and we were treated with a breakfast prepared by the Aerospouses. At the awards ceremony that afternoon Mayor J.J. Rabun of Wrens thanked everyone for coming. He also reminded the visitors about the work that had been done resurfacing the runway during the past year. This was jointly paid for by the State of  Georgia and  the city of Wrens. EAA 172 President Rich Gabor then said some words about all the people who helped as well as the future events that EAA 172 was working with. Among them was a fly-in at Gary Ward's airstrip on May 19-21. Our food trailer and the Aerospouses would be there. The awards were then given out:

Best of Show -- C. B. Howard and his Cessna 180
Best Antique/Classic -- Thurman Kent and his Cessna 120
Best Ultralight -- Bob Abbey and his Phantom
Best General Aviation -- C. B. Howard and his Cessna 180
Best Homebuilt/Experimental -- Nick Hunsucker and his Titan

That evening the club members were treated to barbecued chicken then sat around and relaxed.

On Sunday morning several members removed the tents, tables, chairs and trailers. They also took down the fencing and spruced up the airport grounds.

Of the 66 registered aircraft this was the breakdown:
 Conventional aircraft: 46
   Of these 17 were Cessnas and 15 were experimentals.
 Commercial aircraft: 0
 Ultralight/light planes: 15
 Gyros: 0 (though one was in the hangar)
 Powered Parachutes: 3
 Trikes: 2

Note that this is two fewer aircraft than last year; however there were more conventional aircraft (46) here this year than last year (45). There were also more ultralights and trikes but fewer powered parachutes than last year.

If you were at the 2000 Wrens Fly-In and you have more photos you would like to see here, eMail them to the WebMaster and they will be posted to this page.


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