Where We're Located
Wrens, Georgia, is a small town of about 2,500 people
southwest of Augusta, Georgia (the home of the Master's).
None of the Escadrille Lafayette of Wrens lives in Wrens.
All live within 25 miles of the airport.
All of us belong to the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 172.

We (and a few others in our club) leased the Wrens airport office and hangar three years ago and as part of our lease agreement, take care of the lights, hangar, etc. for the airport and maintain a 100' x 1300' grass strip in addition to the 3000' asphalt runway. Someone is usually at the airport for a couple hours in the late afternoon and early evening, and also on the weekends during part of the day. Stop in if you see a car or two in front of the office (we hide all the aircraft inside the hangar!). The CTAF is 122.7 mhz. Our office is air conditioned and has a microwave, refrigerator, soft chairs, two bathrooms and a shower. All aircraft are welcome: ultralights, gyroplanes, powered parachutes and conventional aircraft. Four restaurants , a motel and a BP truck stop are 1000' from the end of runway 29. We don't have avgas or autogas for sale but can drive to a nearby Amoco station and get gas for you if you need it. You can taxi past the end of runway 29 very close to the Ingles supermarket parking lot and park your plane. To make sure someone will be at the airport call John Magnan at 706-547-3607 (or e-mail -- click the name) and leave a message about your ETA.

This is where we're building our Nieuport 11s.

And this is where we'll test and first fly our Nieuport 11s.


A front view of the Wrens airport office and hangar
A view into the hangar and workshop area where we are
building our Nieuport 11s

Click for map South East U.S. map showing the city of Wrens
Click for photo Close-up map showing the Wrens Memorial Airport
Click for chart Atlanta VFR Sectional showing the Wrens Memorial Airport
Click for airport info Wrens Memorial Airport information
Click for EAA 172 Website Website of the Augusta, Georgia, Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 172

Our comfortable office where we can rest after getting
frustrated working on our Nieuports or other aircraft.

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