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  On this page you will find WWW links that have been helpful during the building, along with comments.
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Informative Weblinks and Books

Some of these are not the home pages -- I've zeroed in on the pages of interest.
Also, all Nieuport sites aren't listed here.

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Butch & Hugh's Nieuport 12 Project http://members.tripod.com/~WitlockD/index.html .
Excellent photos of each step in the construction of a Nieuport 12. Most of the photos can be shown enlarged. Make sure all your browser "plugins" are working to fully appreciate the site!
Butch's Nieuport 12's "Corn Flight" http://members.tripod.com/WitlockD/cornflight.htm The unfortunate demise of Butch's Nieuport 12 -- A very poignant story in pictures and music.
Gary and Ted's Nieuport 11 Project http://freeweb.pdq.net/gcraze/n11/index.html
Not as many building graphics as Hugh and Butch's site but has outstanding graphics about making a Lewis machine gun for your Nieuport. Also has excellent historical references.
Nieuport Builder's Maillist Archives http://www.cuenet.com/archive/nieuportbuilders/
Searchable database of many questions and answers that Nieuport builders have shared. Excellent!
Lafayette Escadrille D'Arizona http://www.primenet.com/~lambertp/
Has very good links, photos and information.
Kansas City Dawn Patrol Home Page http://www.kcdawnpatrol.org
Has a wealth of information --this is possibly the Premier Nieuport site-- the opening Nieuport graphic changes everytime the page is reloaded (34 images in all). Note that you have to have at least Microsoft Explorer 3.x or Netscape 4.x to see and use the menu on the left of the home page screen. 
Nieuport Detail Page http://www.users.kih.net/~njlabhart/niedtl.htm
Photos of actual Nieuports and even more, photos of parts and diagrams/ drawings of the old-time Nieuports. The photos and drawings can be enlarged by clicking on them.
World War I Aviation Homepage http://www.cfanet.com/mlewis/
Excellent background material. Has listing of those who served in the Escadrille Lafayette.
Landing Gear Design for Light Aircraft Volume I Ladislao Pazmany
1986, Pazmany Aircraft Corporation
Very good detail about how to design your own main and tail wheel assemblies. Shows examples from commercial and home-built aircraft. All the math formulae you will ever need!
Volkswagen Engine 
Information Sites
That Are Useful

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Engine Exchange http://engineexchange.com/EngineTech/volkswag.htm
VW engine mechanical information. Identifies the various engines used with the engine codes, years, cubic centimeters.
Centennial Volkswagen Engine Specs

(NOTE: November, December, 2000, this site is being reconstructed -- Hope it's fixed by next year!)

Extremely good! VW engine applications with years, displacements, types, etc. Good for car/engine identification.
Volkswebbin Information http://www.oroad.com/volkswebbin/faqs/
This site has excellent information on all facets of the VW engine.
Volkswagen Grab-bag http://www.oroad.com/volkswebbin/faqs/baginfo.html#8
Particular information at the end of the "Grab-bag" that lets you determine the year of any VW from its VIN (Vehicle Idenification Number)
Larry's Off-Road Center http://www.larrysoffroad.com/parts.html
Complete catalog of all parts needed to upgrade or rebuild any VW Engine. Can just be used for reference. Also gives prices that you can compare with what is available locally. Has all the parts needed to upgrade a Type 1 VW engine for aircraft use.
Auto and Motorcycle to Aviation Engine Conversions list Archive http://www.escribe.com/aviation/vw/
Much information about VW engine modifications and prop hubs etc. Good technical data. Archive contains personal opinions but so do most Websites.
Volkswagen Engine 
That Are Useful

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VW Beetle & Karmann Ghia 
1954 thru 1979
All Models
Haynes 96008 (159)

Haynes Publishing Group, 1991

(most Autozone, etc. stores: $ 10.99)

All-round informative book with all basic rebuilding information.


Engine Interchange Manual

Seume, Keith 

Motorbooks International, 1996

(AMAZON.COM: $15.96)

Book has a chapter for each engine part and gives the pros and cons of using the stock or an after-market part. Many lists of possible parts with their specs. Also, the book explains different terms that might be used in rebuilding and discusses the myths often surrounding the rebuilding of VW engines.
How To Hot Rod 
Fisher, Bill 
Berkley Publishing Group, 1970 

(AMAZON.COM: $13.56)
Excellent and useful book with photos and hints about where to get "junk" engine blocks and which ones to get and what to do with them. Many tables and much down-to-earth information about what to do and not to do and how to use the specs to build an engine with the desired specs (such as low rpm high torque/horsepower).

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