Page 17: Miscellaneous Parts
Fuel Tanks
This page just concerns itself with the fuel tanks starting with Ray's.
Ray showing the fuel tank he's working on
Ray's tank before top is welded on
Ray shows the 2024 aluminum straps through the tank.  The straps will fasten to the front and rear spars. Ray is an expert aluminum TIG welder (it's what he does for a living). Ray's fuel tank will hold about 8 gallons and will be between the top wings. There will also be a header tank in the front of the fuselage right behind the firewall.
Closeup of front of Ray's tank
Closeup of baffle holes
Closeup of the front two baffled "chambers" in the tank. The straps are made so that their mounting holes at the end will tear before the tank ruptures. Note the "wrap around" that will fit on the upper front wing spar. There will be a cushion between it and the actual spar. Closeup of the flow holes between the baffled sections of the tank. The aluminum strap is not yet welded in so it can be adjusted. After the lower part of the tank is finished it will be tested for leaks. Then, once the top is welded in, the whole tank will be tested for leaks using air pressure and then water.
Closeup of Ray's tank mounted on/in the top wing
More distant view of Ray's fuel tank
Ray's fuel tank complete -- closeup of the top. It's placed on (and curves around) the rear spar and goes up to the front spar. It is in the shape of the ribs so when everything is covered it won't be seen except for the fuel openings. A more distant view of the rear of the top wing with Ray's wing tank in place. The tank holds 7.5 gallons. 
An underneath view of Ray's fuel tank A view of Ralph's tank
An "underneath" view from the front of Ray's center upper wing tank. It has a standard wing tank drain in back (like on a Cessna). Ralph has a fuel tank behind the firewall. Here we are looking toward the back of the aircraft from the engine location. 

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