2001 Low-Country Boil Fly-in

The Fourth Annual Millen Low-Country Boil Fly-in, held at the Millen-Jenkins County Airport on Saturday, November 10th,was the best ever according to most everyone who attended. Ninety aircraft, some coming in late (just in time to miss the delicious Low-Country Boil), were on the field. This included many ultralights, powered parachutes and Trikes as well as antiques, classics,home-built, and certified aircraft. A couple of twins were there including Leroy and Betty Dantís Aztec and John Quinnís Queenaire. Powered parachute BFIs there were Pat Thaxton and Bear Perkins. Gary Waggoner, an ultralight BFI, flew in with his Titan Tornado. The Wrens airport crowd flew in. This included Ralph Powell with his Thorp T-18, Duane Brooks with his Kolb, John Sligar with his Phantom, Terry Stout with his Phantom, and Steve Sipper with his Kitfox. Many Pea Patch inhabitants came in including Dennis Allen with his Cessna 172, Rich Gabor with his Pup, Everett Parks with his Luscombe, Richard Fender with his SeaRey and Charlie Connell. Young Eagles Coordinator Larry Garner arranged for Young Eagles flights for several local youngsters. They were flown by Betty and Leroy Dant in their Aztec. That evening some stayed for the bonfire -- which had flames leaping up at least thirty feet. It was so hot that no one roasted their hotdogs or cooked marshmellows with it but had the boiled hot dogs in the hangar. Host and Hostess Keith and Gina Brock were pleased with the turnout as was EAA 172 President Rich Gabor who thanked all the participants for the fly-in that was the best and most well attended event in 2001.

People mover at Millen
Conventional aircraft flightline
People lining up to eat
Those who didn't want to walk the 3/5 mile of flight line could ride on the People Mover.
Only a part of the General Aviation flight line -- more were lined up at the end of the runway. The line was too long to get in the photograph!
Lining up for the food they came for -- the Low Country Boil of shrimp, potatoes, sausage, corn etc.
ex Air Traffic Controller Keith Brock back in the saddle
Ultralights taking off
The EAA 172 member, and FBO manager, and former Air Traffic Controller Keith Brock "back in the saddle"
An ultralight taking off on the grass strip.

Ultralight flight line
The Bonfire
Part of the ultralight/light plane flight line. 
The fire department told Keith the bonfire could only be ten foot square at the base --- Keith did that; but they didn't say how tall it could be. Pilots said they could see it for miles!




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