Granny Rhodes 99th Birthday Bash

Granny Rhodes 99th Birthday Bash was at the Rhodes' farm on September 13. Gerald Ballard had filled everyone in on how to get there and land. All must land uphill and take off down hill. The runway is 2800 feet and "tight." The farm is located at the second set of woods before you get to the dam. Gerald said that there will be nametags and the low numbers will eat first so all should come early, not later than 1:00 PM

Crowds lining up for food at Bob Rhodes place
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Bob Rhodes with his mother on her 99th Birthday
Some of the crowd lining up for eats at Bob Rhodes' farm.
Bob Rhodes with his mother on her 99th Birthday

EAA 172 President Dennis Allen wrote, "All who attended Bob Rhode's fly-in should be aware that it was one of the best ever. I have heard many comments from those who were there for the first time that they had  never before seen any fly-in that was as close to true grass-roots

aviation as this one."

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