Here's How We Are Building Our Nieuport 11s, Page 8 -- We're still building fuselages.
The great heatwave of 1999 brought temperatures in the hangar (where we are building) to over 120 degrees. Not much work was accomplished. But John does have his fuselage out of the jig and Ray Trenter is working on his. Ralph is working on the first set of wings. The add-ons (seats, controls, etc.) are being made to the fuselages. Leroy Dant and his lovely bride, Betty, are back from a sort of "honeymoon" -- they went to horseshows, the Dayton and Oshkosh fly-ins, among other places, so they are ready to work.
Here are some more scenes from the fuselage work.
John working on a tail section
Tail piece with chromolly hinges
John riveting chromolly gussets on tail piece. The completed tail piece with chromolly gussets and hinges. 


The tail piece on the fuselage
two fuselages front-to-front
Putting the tail piece on the fuselage end. This photo shows two of the fuselages front to front in the hangar.


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