Here's How We Are Building Our Nieuport 11s, Page 7 -- We build fuselages.
We haven't updated this site for a while since all our spare time is spent building the fuselages. Leroy, Ray and John work on fuselages while Ralph works on a set of wings
Here are some scenes from the fuselage work.
John working on a tail section
Gusset attached to station 35-1/4
John working on a tail section of one of the fuselages.
Gussset at station 35-1/4. Two holes still need to be drilled. The original holes are 3/32 inch to allow for some drilling adjustment before final drilling with the #30 drill bit.
Ray and John working on a gusset at station 35-1/4
Gussets and Clecos seen from station 51.
Ray and John working on the gusset at station 35-1/4.
A veritable forest of Clecos as seen from station 51.


Marking where to drill.
John using a pneumatic rivet gun at station 97
Using a black marker to mark where the rivets will be. They have to be centered over the tubing and at least 1/2 inch from a joint. The little ruler helps insure that the marks are spaced evenly. Any marks can be removed later on with acetone or lacquer thinner. Using a pneumatic rivet gun at station 97. The air riveter saved much time and pain with the stainless steel rivets. J.C. Whitney has one for $58. Note also that we took the advice of past builders and allowed more space for pilots weighing somewhat more than 150 pounds! We curved the top back-piece at station 97.

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