Here's How We Are Building Our Nieuport 11s, Page 3 -- We really finish The Planning and arrange for tube shipments
There was still more planning to do. We contacted more Nieuport builders. Ralph checked on various tubing sources. Ray and John finalized how the powerplants would be constructed and rigged. Ralph finished all construction change plans. All the group members put their "money where their mouths are" and forked over cash for their share of the aluminum.
Ralph Powell and Leroy Dant discussing angle of attack Four of the Nieuport  group writing checks
Leroy Dant (at the left), who flies Merlins, Citations and his Cessna 140, and Ralph Powell, who flies his Thorp T-18, discuss angle of attack during the last Wednesday Nieuport meeting in December, 1998.
Nieuport group members Leroy Dant, Ray Trenter, John Magnan and Ralph Powell finish the planning and wrtie checks for the first shipment of parts (not shown: Wyman Fox, who also put up his share for the aluminum).

Aluminum that has been shipped in.

More aluminum in.

The aluminum shipment finally arrives. Here some pieces have been sorted and stacked. The aluminum tubing is stacked, ready for use near the places where it will be fabricated into Nieuports.

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