Page 25: Ralph is doing his final work including the firewall forward
This page shows the finishing work Ralph is doing on his Nieuport. This includes the firewall-forward work, his instruments, rigging adjustments etc.
Ralph re-rigging one of the subwing cables
Ralph's N11 with his modified Lycoming 0-145
Two of the cables for the sub wing rigging were a "tad" too short so Ralph made new cables. Here he is swaging one of the cable ends.  This is the final mounting of the Lycoming O-145-B2. Note the square hole in the firewall, originally made for the longer magnetos but not needed now because of the Plasma ignition system. Ralph will cover the hole up. 
The PLASMA II ignition system takes the place of the magnetos
Because there is not much room to place an engine on the Nieuport and the Lycoming O-145-B2's magnetos were in the way, Ralph put on an electronic ignition, the PLASMA II Capacitive Discharge Ignition system (see In the photo you can see how short the sensing units are behind the engine case. 

There is nothing more to go forward to, yet . . .

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