Page 22: Ray is painting
This page shows the work done in the final painting and decorating of the wings, tail and fuselage.
Ray applying UV block to the top wing
Ray's subwings have one side painted yellow!
Ray, wearing a protective mask, preparing to put another coat of UV block on the top wing. Note the "outside" paint booth. It's 100°  outside and 120° + in the hangar on July 21st.  Ray painted his subwings yellow.
Ray's main wing ---- painted
Ray's main wing - top view --- painted and ready to go.
Here is the underside of Ray's top wing with the final coat of paint. Ray's main wing - top view. Painted yellow just as other parts of the aircraft. With gas cap on and strobe installed. It's finished and ready to be put on the plane.
Ray's fuselage has been prepared for painting
Ray' painting the fuselage
Ray is ready to roll out his fuselage which has been taped etc. ready for painting.  Ray painting the fabric on the fuselage. The front section is will have aluminum riveted on (they are already made and ready to be put on).
Ray's painted fuselage. Ray painting an aileron.
Ray painted his the covered part of his fuselage yellow. Ray painting an aileron yellow.
Ray's fuselage ready for some final painting. Fuselage finished! Just waiting for a picture to be painted on it.
Ray's fuselage with the front metal attached ready for some final paint. Finished! Ray's fuselage is just awaiting a picture to be painted by a friend of Ray's. 
Ray's decorated top wing
Ray's plane with decorations and Dragon
Ray has decorated his top wing. Ray's Nieuport with trim and Dragon.
Closeup of Ray's Dragon
A close-up of Ray's Dragon.

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