Page 21: Ray's fuselage covered
This page shows the work done covering, stitching and paint preparations for the Nieuport fuselage.
Fabric laid on fuselage
Ray finishing the Ceconite work on fuselage
Fabric for Ray's fuselage laid out on the Nieuport.  This was done so that the preliminary cutting can be accomplished. Ray has applied the first coating of dope to the fabric.
Ray checking the bond of the fabric under the fuselage
inside the fuselage
Ray is checking the bond of the fabric under the fuselage. An inside view of the fuselage after the first dope layer has been put on.
A view from the front of the covered turtledeck
Top view of the covered turtledeck
Ray's wing after he rib stitched and taped it.  A top view of the covered turtledeck.
Ralph's covered fuselage
Ralph's finished fuselage
Ralph covered his fuselage in late September, 2002. Ralph finished his fuselage covering in early October. 

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