Page 19: Covering the subwings
This page shows the work done covering and painting the subwings.
Ray did his first, then Ralph did his.
Ray finishing the covering of his first subwing
Inner view of the two polybrushed subwings
Ray is checking for and removing any "dimples" on one of his subwings. He then ran a thin boundary tape and ribstitched the subwings. The subwings have been given three coats of UV blocking. This is a view from the fuselage side.
Outer view of the two subwings
Subwing mounted on the Nieuport
A view of the subwings from the outer ends. Note the holes for the V strut. Ray's subwing mounted on his Nieuport. He just has to do base and final coats of paint.
Ralph finished his subwings in mid October, 2002
Ralph finished his subwings in mid October.

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