Page 18: Ray's cowling & BMW engine
This page shows the work Ray did setting up and installing a motorcycle BMW engine for his Nieuport. He also finished his cowling.
Ray working on his BMW engine
Ray's BMW engine mounted on his Nieuport
Ray putting together his BMW engine -- he had the cylinders bored, new rings etc.  Ray's BMW engine mounted on his Nieuport.
Ray's BMW engine's exhaust pipes
The Rotax C box redrive on Ray's BMW engine
Ray's BMW engine exhaust pipes join at a "Y" into one pipe.  A Rotax "C" box redrive -- reduction gear -- is used with the BMW engine. 
Ray's cowling set on for cutting measurement
One of Ray's cowl's access holes
The cowl was placed around the engine prior to marking for the cutout. Note that the Rotax "C" box redrive requires a three-blade prop for proper balance.  One of the side cowl access holes so that the engine may be easily adjusted. 
Ray's engine, running without a prop!
At the end of September, 2002, Ray had completely finished his engine and baffling and tested the engine, without the prop! He said the BMW motorcycle engine won't overheat even without the "big fan." 

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