Page 17: Miscellaneous Parts
This page contains and will contain miscellaneous parts made by one or more of the Escadrille Lafayette of Wrens group.
Ray showing the fuel tank he's working on
Side view of the wooden deck behind Ralph's cockpit
Ray shows the 2024 aluminum straps through his fuel tank . . .
Side view of the wood "deck" behind the cockpit of Ralph's Nieuport 11.
More of a front view of Ralph's deck
John's outdoor engine mount/stand
More of a front view of the wood "deck" behind the cockpit of Ralph's Nieuport 11.  John's outdoor engine mount (at his house). He put a welded frame for one side of the mount. The two railroad ties are sunk in the ground. The "engine" is an old case used for fitting. The center of the crank (and prop) will be 48 inches above the ground -- about the same distance as on the plane. With a 60 inch prop that will give an 18 inch clearance.
Another view of John's engine mount/stand Ralph's Lycoming engine
The other side of the mount is a regular bench type VW engine stand bolted to a large steel cross-bracing between the two ties (note the two through-bolts). The engine mount will be capable of withstanding the full thrust of the VW engine with prop.  As stated before, Ralph wanted a "real" aircraft engine. He had stored this Lycoming 65 hp engine which he is going to use on his Nieuport.
Ralph's engine mounted on his Nieuport
Ray's instrument panel.
Ralph's Lycoming O-145-B2  mounted on his Nieuport. Ray's instrument panel. The cloth is just a dust covering to keep dirt out of the cockpit when Ray isn't working on the plane.

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