Page 16: Our Nieuport 11 control linkages
The controls took and are taking the longest time -- they have to work smoothly and can't jam. The plans gloss over the intricacies of the controls and most builders are doing theirs in different ways.
Ray's rudder pedal setup.
Bellcrank for aileron vertical pushrod
This is Ray's rudder pedal setup. Note that he is putting on toe brakes for cable actuated differential braking. John is also using mechanical brakes while Ralph is using a hydraulic disk brake system --- all from motorcycle parts. A bellcrank made for the aileron vertical pushrod. This was machined from blocks and sheets of aluminum.
Upper aileron bellcrank.
Elevator control linkage
Upper aileron bellcrank. The rod ends are the most expensive (and crucial) parts. Elevator cable setup control linkage.
Control stick connections to elevators & ailerons
Ralph's hydraulic master cylinder
Side view of the control stick assembly. Note how it is attached to a tube underneath which in turn is connected left and right to the aileron push rods. The rear is connected to the elevator control linkage. Ralph is making hydraulic rather than cable actuated brakes. Here is the master cylinder for his right brake.

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