Page 15: Our Nieuport 11 rudder stuff
The rudder work for us was at the end of the construction rather than at the beginning, as most builders do. We did cut and bend the aluminum for the rudders at the beginning of our Nieuport construction, but then we just hung them up. On this page you can see how we made the rudder horn. Also you can see how we attached the cables to the rudder and the push-pull tubes to the elevators.
Rudder before covering
Rudder horn
This is a rudder just prior to being covered. Note that this rudder has more horizontal supports than in the plans. We think it will keep it from flexing too much. The rudder horn is fastened with .090 7075 aluminum to a cross-brace support. This way the cables will not just be turning the rudder post, with the rest of the rudder just "following along" but will be turning the whole rudder directly.
Cable connections to rudder horns; pushrods to elevator
Rudder, elevator, horizontal stabilizer -- all covered
Note the way the cables connect to the rudder horn and the push-pull rods connect to the elevators.  A complete tail assembly, ready for painting. This one is on Ray's Nieuport. Ralph's Thorp T-18 is in the background.

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