Page 13: Here are some changes in the tail wheel.
The tail skid assembly did not work well with the Kansas City Dawn Patrol. They made various modifications and strenghthened certain parts and steerable tail wheels. We made similar modifications, but even stronger since the KCDP still had problems with bending bolts so we made sure top and side loads could be handled. We waited until after the fuselage and other parts were made before doing the wheels.
Ray's tailwheel assembly with cover
Ray's tailwheel assembly with cover removed
This is Ray's tail wheel assembly.  Note that he has a Fiberglas "shroud" over it. NOTE: The fuselage is upside down.  The inside of Ray's tail wheel assembly. He is into welding aluminum. Note the double braces to act against side loads -- calculations indicate that the side load on the tail wheel of a 750 pound gross Nieuport is about 200 pounds! 
Rear tailwheel support bracket
John's tail wheel underbelly support
John's rear tail wheel  support for the curved tail wheel tubing. Formed out of 4130 steel, it is held on the lower rudder gusset (for which we used 4130, not aluminum) with 3/16" bolts. A tab on the lower rudder hinge support has a 3/8" bolt hole for the 3/8" bolt welded into the end of the curved tail wheel tubing. John's tail wheel underbelly support made out of 4130 steel. Our EAA 172 Technical Counselor suggested the side supports which are riveted at Station 22-1/2  to the diagonals. A 3/16" bolt will secure the curved tubing (made out of 4130 .625" x .035" steel). Note that in the newest FAA AC about airworthiness inspections that the FAA looks for EAA Tech Counselor's advice descriptions in the Building Log! 
John's tail wheel itself
Full tail wheel assembly
The tail wheel itself. It is a Grainger 2G2187  4" x 1.625" rubber wheel with a Delrin bushing (for a 3/8" shaft). It's designed to withstand 300 pounds which is the highest load calculated for a 750 pound (gross) Nieuport 11 (see Pazmany p. 135). The piece the tailwheel assembly is welded to is .080 wall 4130 Chromolly steel tubing. All the parts (all fashioned out of 4130 steel) put together. The assembly does weigh 7 pounds which could be reduced by using a weaker tailwheel. John says he doesn't want tail wheel problems. Others say that if the plane goes down and becomes a big ball of aluminum, the tail wheel assembly will survive intact!

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