Here's How We Are Building Our Nieuport 11s, Page 1 -- the Beginnings
Everything has to have a beginning.
For us it was making three tables for building the Nieuports and the initial planning.
John unloading the lumber Wyman and John cutting the lumber Wyman and John constructing table
John unloading the lumber in the hangar after going to Lowe's. Behind him are some of the workbenches and tools in the hangar.
John and Wyman cutting some of the boards for the tables.
Ralph used his nail gun to tack the table together. Then Wyman and John evened off all parts and drilled holes and put in 3/8" lag bolts to fasten everything securely. After that, Ralph used his power planer to even off the top.
John, Ralph and Wyman planning John, Ralph and Wyman planning Ralph drew the rudder
One of the completed tables.
John, Ralph and Wyman discussing the plans and the construction of the tail.
If you look closely you can see the full-size rudder pattern carefully and accurately drawn by Ralph.

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