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Nieuport 11Fancy dividing line
Our Members

Ralph Powell

Flight Leader
Ralph Powell
Currently flies his 
Thorp T-18
(a biker - rides a BMW)
(He is, and looks like, an engineer)


Ray Trenter

Ray slow taxiing Nieuport

John Magnan
Ray Trenter
Has now built and flown his  first aircraft -- a Nieuport.
(a biker - rides a BMW)

Ray slow taxi testing his completed Nieuport

John Magnan
A gyronaut. Has a 
Bensen B-8M gyro

This group was founded in August, 1998, by Ralph Powell. He had been researching the Nieuport and contacting people about the Nieuport series of aircraft for nearly four years. Each of us is building a Nieuport 11 replica from plans. We've worked together so that we can each use the same setup or jig for one part of the Nieuport and then tear it down (if it's temporary) and move on to the next step in the construction. Our Flight Leader, Ralph Powell, built a Thorp T-18 from plans and we often follow his lead for many of the aspects of construction. One of us is using  a 1915 cc VW engine for the powerplant; anothers is using a BMW motorcycle engine, a third is using a Lycoming 65 (O-145).
We are now in the middle of the seventh year of construction -- and the end is in sight! -- We build in spurts -- two Nieuports are finished and have flown, and the final one is now being assembled.

Follow us throughout the months to see our progress!

Where we are: Wrens, Georgia: 
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What we're doing:
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(new photos added April, 2003) 
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