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These are what happened at Past Meetings of the Membership of EAA Chapter 172.

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1996 Wrens Fly-in      1996 Fish-Fry Fly-in      1996 Wrens Young Eagles Rally   Boshears 1996

James Sizemore 12/12/96

(The minutes will usually be released in the week prior to being printed in the newsletter;
corrections to the minutes will be made here without annotation)

December 1996

Minutes of the Meeting for EAA Chapter 172 for December 14, 1996

The December meeting was the Christmas Party at Gerald Ballard's hangar at
the Twin Lakes airport.

Attendance estimates ranged between 250 and 350 people. Members and guests
from EAA 172, the C.S.R.A. Pilot's Association and Georgia/South Carolina
Breakfast Club attended. Some flew in. Most drove. There was an abundance
of food. Besides the covered dishes brought by the attendees, Gerald provided
ham and turkey along with mashed potatoes and other fixings. All left-over food
was brought the following day (Sunday) into a local town to feed the  homeless.
Several huge containers were filled with Toys for Tots brought by all the guests.
These were carried afterwards to WJBF TV for their Toys for Tots program.

The party began at 7:00 PM with a prayer given by Al Newman. Then there was
a birthday song for Bob Rhodes. EAA 172 President Dennis Allen introduced
Greg Hodges who presented the "Soaring with Eagles" trophy to Gerald and
Patsy Ballard. Gerald, described as "A mechanical engineer by trade, a horse
trader by design" thanked everyone and humorously described his relationship
with his employees. Also speaking were C.S.R.A. Pilot's Association President
Ben Bashinski and Al Newman. EAA 172 President Dennis Allen said a few
words about Al Patton who is the EAA 172 Tech Counselor and Newsletter
Editor and then Dennis gave Al a jacket and a chapter service award. Ken
Rayburn, the "perennial" EAA 172 Vice-President was awarded a chapter
service certificate and a jacket. Chapter service certificates were also awarded
to Treasurer David Parrish and Secretary John Magnan.  Gerald Ballard
honored Larry Garner with a jacket for Larry's work in producing the C.S.R.A.
Pilot newsletter for the C.S.R.A. Pilot's Association.

President Allen gave plaques for "outstanding service and devotion to EAA
Chapter 172" to Fay Allen, Maureen Rhodes, Joyce Ann Newman and Sue
Rayburn.  Allen also awarded plaques to Bob Rhodes and Jeff Finch "For
dedicated service and devotion to EAA Chapter 172."

After the awards everyone ate. Gerald had the people line up according to age:
Those 65 to 85 years old ate first followed by the "youngsters" 55 to 64 and so
on down the line. But not to worry! There was plenty to eat for all. The meal
closed with a raffle hosted by Gerald Ballard in his best Johnny Carson style
peppered with wisecracks and comical and witty anecdotes and remarks.


James Sizemore, Jr. Takes His Last Flight

EAA Chapter 172 gives tribute to James Sizemore, Jr., who died December 12, 1996.  He was
the oldest active pilot in the South Carolina Breakfast Club. Mr. Sizemore was an Army Air
Corps veteran of World War II, a member of AOPA and the South Carolina Breakfast Club
as well as the National Harley Owner's Group and the American Motorcycle Association. He
lived outside of Aiken, SC, with his own airstrip. Memorials may be made to the Tamassee
DAR School, P.O. Box 8, Tamassee, SC 29686.

      Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,
        And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
        I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung,
         My eager craft through footless halls of air.
         And, while with silent, lifting mind of space,
         Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.


November 1996

Minutes of the Meeting for EAA Chapter 172 for November 14, 1996

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM by President Dennis Allen. There
were over 50 members and spouses present.  The minutes of the last meeting
were accepted as printed in the November newsletter. New member Tom Garcia
of Thomson was welcomed by President Allen. Tom has a Cherokee 140. There
was a discussion about insulating the back of the clubhouse and putting up a
ceiling. Members Ben Covington and Tom Whisnant (neither was present!)
were volunteered to get the job done.

Old Business: A discussion was started about the Boshears Fly-In. President
Allen thanked the ladies who worked in the food trailer. This was followed by
a round of applause for the ladies. Dennis said that 95 general aviation aircraft
were registered at Boshears. He said there were problems with the parking lot
situation so next year different arrangements will be made. Thanks were given
to those who ran the tractors and rode the people-mover trailers. Keith Robbins
said that we gave some volunteers free food and drink. President Allen felt that
there was no problem in that. Keith also said that anyone who wants to be part
of the Boshears committee should just go the meetings. The next one will be in
February. Interested people should talk with David Fields.


New Business: The joint EAA 172-CSRA Pilot's Club Christmas party will be
Saturday, December 14, at 6:00 PM in Gerald Ballard's hangar at the Twin
Lakes Airport [ed. see detailed air and ground directions in another part of this
newsletter]. Members were asked to bring an unwrapped toy for our Toys for
Tots campaign. The meat will be there but everything else will be covered dishes
brought by the members. For those whose last name begins with the letters A-M
bring a vegetable dish. Those whose names begin with N-Z bring a dessert or a

Young Eagles Coordinator Wyman Fox said that there will be a Young Eagles
Rally at Daniel Field starting at 9:00 AM on December 7, 1996. Members were
requested to be there to help and to fly the new Young Eagles. This will be the
last rally this year. We have far exceeded our quota of 50 new Young Eagles. As
of November 9 Wyman has turned in 173 names of Young Eagles to the national
EAA headquarters.

The officers for the club were re-elected unanimously: Dennis Allen as
President; Ken Rayburn as Vice-President; John Magnan as Secretary; and,
David Parrish as Treasurer.

Program:  Charles Barreras, Jr. presented the program. Using his computer, he
showed the members the World Wide Web site he created for Chapter 172.
There are now several sections: Current happenings with photos of various
projects being worked on by the members and recent fly-ins and other events
Chapter 172 has put on or attended ; Photos of the club officers [so we will
know whom to acclaim or blame for what is going right or wrong with the club];
the "Hangar of History" which has past happenings; other aviation oriented
Websites; and, a Young Eagles page .  Charles asked members to let him know
about other interesting things to put into the Web site.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.


October 1996

Minutes of the Meeting for EAA Chapter 172 for October 10, 1996

The meeting was called to order at 7:33 PM by President Dennis Allen. There
were 30 members and one guest, Tony Gay,  present.  Although the food cost
over $240 only $170 was dropped in the collection pot.  The minutes of the last
meeting were amended to state that  it was Keith Brock, not Keith Robbins,
who was being thanked for the work he did in getting the Young Eagles
program started in our club. The minutes were then otherwise accepted as
printed in the October newsletter. President Allen thanked Bob Rhodes, Don
Murphy, Dan Silliman, Sue Raburn, Fay Allen and Maureen Rhodes for
preparing the Low Country Boil for the meeting. Dennis Allen also helped in the
food preparation. Keith Brock and Mark Slone renewed their lapsed

Old Business: The 1997 calendars are in. They will cost $5.00 for members and
$7.00 for the public. The members were reminded about the fly-in at Don Gay's
Hacienda De Gay on October 26. The South Carolina/Georgia Breakfast Club
will be at the Louisville airport on October 13. The EAA 172 food trailer will be

New Business: A discussion was held about combining the Pilot's Club and EAA
172 Christmas parties. Bob Rhodes moved that they be combined and was
seconded by Ken Rayburn. The motion passed unanimously. A tentative date
and place are December 14 at Ballard's hangar.

Young Eagles Coordinator Wyman Fox said that there will be a Young Eagles
Rally at Daniel Field starting at 9:00 AM on November 2, 1996. Members were
requested to be there to help and to fly the new Young Eagles. Another rally will
be scheduled there on November 9.

The Boshears Fly-In (October 19-20) was discussed. This year they were going
to cut down on the number of free tickets. There will be two tractors with
people-mover trailers. Rich Gabor is in charge of scheduling the drivers and
money takers for those as well as other assignments on the field (flight line crews
and other duties). Rich asked for everyone to sign up for dates and times.
Saturday night there will be a volunteer's party at 7:00 PM in the Chairman's
Tent at Daniel Field. Glenn Hall will be handling the gates this year so EAA 172
won't have that worry. The Augusta/Richmond County police will handle the
parking. President Allen said that there will be spinner placards available for
the pilots' aircraft.

On the Thursday (October 17) before Boshears there will be over 2,000 students
at Daniel Field. EAA 172 will have a trailer there, loaned by Keith Brock, with
posters of various EAA 172 activities. A completed wing, an airframe and
fiberglas construction material will be there on tables set up under tents.
Members will be needed to bring the materials as well as set up the tents and
talk with the students and assist in crowd control. The students will be there
from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

A motion was made by Wyman Fox and seconded by Ken Rayburn that
Secretary John Magnan act as chairman of the Wrens Fly-In in May, 1997. The
motion passed unanimously.

Don Gay said that there will be a fly-in at Swainsboro on the first Saturday of
May, 1997. He wants any and all types of aircraft there.

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.


September 1996

Minutes of the Meeting for EAA Chapter 172 for September 12, 1996

The meeting was called to order at 7:36 PM by President Dennis Allen. There
were 36 members and 2 guests present. The guests were Teri Marci and L.L.
Shrade (who built a Pulsar). The financial report was given by the Treasurer,
David Parrish, as follows: $2542.56 in the checking account and  $54.00 from
the current meeting (after expenses) for a total of $2596.56. The minutes of the
last meeting were accepted as printed in the September newsletter. President
Allen thanked Don Gay and his wife for preparing the meal. Club members,
especially Rich Gabor, helped with the preparation and serving of the meal.

Old Business: There was a good turnout at the Bob Rhodes' Birthday Bash. Bob
said that there were 46 aircraft including nine ultralights.

New Business: The CSRA Pilot's Club Poker Run will be held on Saturday,
September 14. The route will be Daniel Field to Aiken to Greenwood to
Washington-Wilkes to Thomson. In Thomson there will be a big meal  waiting
for the pilots. Steve Gay will sell aviation fuel for $1.81 (not including tax) for
those fueling up at Daniel Field.

The South Carolina/Georgia Breakfast Club will be at the Louisville airport on
October 13. The EAA 172 food trailer will be there.

President Allen recognized past-president Keith Robbins for the work he did in
getting the Young Eagles program started in our club.

Marcie Wilhelmi discussed the problems involving a possible merging of the
Bush Field and Daniel Field airport commissions. There is a strong fear that
general aviation will be downgraded and left out of future decision making by
such a merger. EAA Chapter 172,  on a motion made by Bob Rhodes and
seconded by Al Newman, voted unanimously to support the keeping of two
separate commissions. Marcie said that we should write letters and send FAXes
to voice our opposition to the merger. A FAX sent to Phil Kent of the Augusta
Chronicle (FAX number: 706-823-3345) would be appropriate. There is a
possibility of AOPA becoming involved but only when the merger was beyond
the talking stage as it is now.

The 5th Annual Boshears Fly-In (October 19-20) was discussed. Last year the
favorite exhibit was that of EAA 172. The club will again have the exhibits,
demonstrations and, of course, the new Food Trailer. School children will again
be invited for the "Field Trip Day" on October 17. Help will be needed from
EAA 172 members for  field security, admission gates, etc. Parking will be
handled by the police. A question was raised about a possible tour by children
of the Pea Patch in the future (not part of the Fly-In). Rich Gabor passed
around a sign-up list for those wanting to help asking for the days, times, and
type of help. There will be seating in the special tent at Boshears (for $100) as
well as a flight in the right seat of a Bushmaster (for $100). Boshears is asking
for as many general aviation planes as possible. There will also be a volunteers
party that Saturday night of Boshears.

Program:  Charles Barreras had the program. Using his computer, he
demonstrated the World Wide Web site he is creating for Chapter 172. On it
are photographs of various aircraft under construction along with their builders
plus other interesting photos and articles about our Chapter. Since the World
Wide Web is now the "in thing" it would be important to let the world know
what EAA 172 is doing. Just about  every business world-wide has a place on
it where it can show its offerings, catalogs, news etc.  The FAA and all other
government agencies have places on it so that one can obtain everything from
all the aircraft advisories, the FARs and every other government document as
well as all the forms needed to apply for licenses etc. All this in living color!
Many of the World Wide Web sites also have video clips and sound. Charles
asked members to let him know about other interesting things to put into the
Web site he is creating. The work Charles has done already has involved many,
many hours of time late at night working on the computer. This being
sandwiched in between rebuilding the T-18 and work and family.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM with a videotape of autogyros and
helicopters presented by President Allen. The highlight of that videotape was a
pilot (who did not have a seatbelt/harness on) being thrown through moving
rotor blades -- and surviving!


August 1996

Minutes of the Meeting for EAA Chapter 172 for August 8, 1996

The meeting was called to order at 7:28 PM by President Dennis Allen. There
were 26 members and 4 guests present. The financial report was given by the
Treasurer, David Parrish, as follows: $3325.56 in the checking account, $73.52
from the meeting last month, $38.00 from the current meeting for a total of
$3437.08. Since the last meeting the club received a plaque from EAA
headquarters acknowledging the placement on Compass Hill of the EAA 172
brick honoring Al Patton. Dennis mentioned that the food trailer had been
painted (decorated) by Tom Whisnant's grandson. President Allen thanked
George Odom and his wife for the food for the meeting. Dennis also thanked
Fay Allen and Maureen Rhodes for all the work they did in preparing and
serving the meal.

Old Business: Don Murphy talked about the calendars and said that usually 200
were ordered. President Allen asked Don to order the same number this year.
Wyman Fox reviewed the Young Eagles program and mentioned that there
would probably be a Young Eagles Rally in Thomson in the fall. President Allen
said that at least ten EAA 172 members went to Oshkosh. Those that went said
that Glasairs and RVs seemed to be the favorite aircraft. Treasurer David
Parrish went with Tom Jackson in Tom's Aztec. David talked about the the
Missing Man Formation done in Charlie Hillard's honor.

New Business: Bob Rhodes reminded everyone that the Annual  Birthday Bash
will be the second Sunday of September. Don Murphy made a motion that
expenditures be approved for a large barbecue trailer to be built by Steve
Thompson. The motion was seconded by Wyman Fox and approved
unanimously. Don then discussed his two month vacation in Alaska. He said
there were many old planes including a 1929 Travelaire 6000 that had been
restored several years earlier and was being regularly  flown since then. Also he
remarked that there were a lot of pilots in Alaska, about one out of ten Alaskans
is a pilot!

Al Newman mentioned a not-so-helpful FBO at Vidalia. Al then showed
everyone how to make inexpensive chocks by cutting a foot-long piece of four-
inch PVC pipe in half lengthwise and fastening a rope between the two pieces.

Program:  Dennis Allen presented the evening's program.  It was an hilarious
"home" video made of Dennis, Greg Hodges, Emerson Thompson and Chuck
Whigham's trip to Reno, Nevada, and the time they spent at the air races while
there. The meeting adjourned around 8:30 PM.


July 1996

Minutes of the Meeting for EAA Chapter 172 for July 13, 1996
1996 Fish-Fry Fly-in

The July meeting was a fish fry at the Pea Patch. Everyone brought food and
though there were no food assignments, there was quite a variety of things to
eat. Charlie Connell brought plenty of fish. Bob Rhodes, Dennis Allen and
others fried the fish, burgers, chips and whatever else needed cooking. Thirty-
six members signed in and there were twenty-one guests and visitors not
counting the children.  The club took in $53.52 more than the cost of the fish,
utensils and other purchased items. Two new members joined the group: Jeff
DeGange from Aiken, South Carolina,  and Alan McKenney from Evans,
Georgia. More than twenty aircraft, both of visitors and members, were on
display or flown.


1996 Wrens Young Eagles Rally

On July 20 there was a Young Eagles Day at the Wrens airport.  O.B. Brown
worked the day before mowing and trimming the area around the office and
hangar. John Magnan spruced up the office area so it would be presentable to
guests. On the Young Eagles Day Rich Gabor acted as registrar signing in the
prospective Young Eagles. Ken Rayburn brought his plane to use for preflight
inspection demonstrations. Eagle Flight Leaders were Dennis Allen with his 172,
Chuck Whigham with his Mooney, Bill Mauck with his RV-6A and Tom
Jackson with his Aztec. Roosevelt Sanders was there with his Maul to display
for the Young Eagles. Only thirteen Young Eagles were flown. Several
disappointed children were there just to look but their parents had not given
them permission to fly, perhaps because of the recent 747 crash. Other EAA 172
members present included O.B. Brown, John Magnan, Al Patton, Al Newman
and others. All Eagle Flight Leaders made at least one flight with the Young


June 1996

Minutes of the Meeting for EAA Chapter 172 for June 13, 1996

The meeting was called to order by President Dennis Allen at 7:42 PM. The
financial report was given by the Treasurer, David Parrish, as follows: $893 was
received from the  national EAA headquarters for the B-17 visit. $247 was made
at the Wrens Fly-in with the food trailer. The current balance is $3776.  The
treasurer's report was accepted. The minutes of the Wrens Fly-in were accepted
as written in the June newsletter. Twenty-nine members were present along
with eight visitors. At least two of the visitors, Gary Ward of Lincolnton and
Tom Collins of Augusta, joined the Pea Patch group as members.

Old Business:  President Allen thanked those who helped with the Young Eagles
program on Saturday, June 8. Five aircraft were there as well as many Chapter
172 volunteers. Vice-President Ken Raburn was there with his tent and concise
instructions about how to erect it. More than 25 Young Eagles had their "first
flight." We will probably have two more Young Eagles days this year. Dennis
also thanked Secretary John Magnan for the work he did for the Wrens Fly-in.

New Business: President Allen brought up a possible catfish cookout at the July
meeting. A motion was made and seconded that Saturday, July 13, would be the
day for the annual catfish dinner. The motion passed unanimously. The food
will be ready at 1:00 PM. Everyone should bring a covered dish.

The new calendar for 1997 was passed around. The cost to us for 300 calendars
would be $4.39 each with no imprint. The discussion about the calendar was
tabled until the next meeting when Don Murphy would be back since he did the
purchasing in the past and would know how many we had bought.

President Allen introduced the EAA Keystone Campaign. In this campaign for
fund raising for the EAA Aviation Foundation an individual or chapter could
purchase an engraved brick to be placed around the sculptures on Compass Hill
at the EAA headquarters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. A short video "The Wings for
Tomorrow" was shown. In it were scenes from Compass Hill showing the
sculptures and the placement of the bricks. Only 1,000 keystone bricks will be
available. These can be used to honor someone special. A motion was made and
seconded that Chapter 172 give $1000 for a brick. This would be done in four
annual  installments of $250 each. The motion passed 15 to 7. Another motion
was then made to honor EAA 172 Tech Counselor Al Patton by having his name
inscribed on the brick. The motion was seconded and passed with 19 "ayes" and 1 "no" vote.
The brick will read: 

 (3 lines with 13 characters/spaces  each were allowed)

Al Patton
EAA 172
"Pea Patch

 Al Neuman discussed the Tripacer Club and read a very interesting poem.

Don Gay mentioned the Swainsboro Pine Tree Festival and the fly-in that will
                       coincide with it.

President Allen asked all members who were working on an aircraft project to
                stand. Fifteen members stood up.

Special Program: Tech Counselor Al Patton gave a special presentation about
how common household items could be used instead of fancy store-bought
                 things for our aircraft needs:
 Instead of a "Never Seize" product use  .... Milk of Magnesia.
   To prevent battery post corrosion use    ....  corn syrup.
   To clean Plexiglas windows/canopies use .... Lemon Pledge.
   To clean off Permatex or ProSeal use .... rubbing alcohol.
            Many other handy hints were given by Al.

The meeting adjourned at 8:27 PM followed by Rick Bell's program.

Program:  Rick Bell showed a videotape of various events and aircraft at the
recent Sun'n Fun fly-in. Included in the video were the two crashes that
happened there. Much discussion occurred during and after the videotape.


May 1996

Minutes of the Meeting for EAA Chapter 172 for May 11, 1996

The May meeting was the Wrens Fly-In. Wyman Fox took overall charge of the
arrangements. On May 10, the day before the fly-in, several members prepared
the field and hangar for the fly-in and brought chairs, tables, a tent and other
items from the Pea Patch to the Wrens airport. Personnel from the Wrens City
Fire Department put up yellow tape to mark off the parking areas and to
prevent the public from coming too close to the runway.

On Saturday, May 11,  Ken Rayburn took on the air traffic control duties and
spent much of the day in the club golf cart directing the aircraft both in the air
and on the ground. Don Murphy cooked and coordinated the food preparation
activities in the newly furnished concession trailer. Don was ably helped by
Sheila Connell, Sue Raburn, Faye Allen and Maureen. Dennis Allen welcomed
guests and made sure that everything was set for the spot-landing contest and
for the awards ceremony. John Magnan set up the sound system. Some business
was conducted: Treasurer David Parrish checked to make sure the account set
aside for the Wrens airport office and hanger was in order.

Morning weather reports indicated a storm front over the Atlanta area headed
toward Augusta. This report may have prevented ultralights and paraplanes
from coming to the fly-in. The storm front broke up before reaching the Wrens
area but there was a brisk wind most of the day which prevented much activity
on the part of the gyroplanes and possibly other aircraft.

Activities started around 8:00 AM. The Wrens police and fire departments were
present from about that time until late afternoon. A Jefferson County
ambulance was on the scene for part of the the day. During the day at least 40
different aircraft were at the airport for the fly-in. There were Cessnas, a
Mooney, a Beech F33, a Jabiru, RV-6s, a Bellanca Viking, an RV4, an Aeronca
Champion 7AC, Skybolts, a Citabria, a Luscomb 8-A, an Acrosport, a Parsons
III gyroplane, the "Mad Max" gyro, a Bensen gyroplane, a SeaRey amphibian,
a Challenger II and several other unrecorded aircraft including Pierre Smith's

Around 11:00 AM there was a spot-landing contest. Contestants included Jim
Truly, Al Newman, Dennis Allen, Bob Rhodes and Steve Thompson. Dennis
Allen won the contest. The awards ceremony was at 1:30 PM.  J. J. Rabun, the
Mayor of Wrens, said a few words of welcome and presented the spot-landing
award to Dennis Allen. Dennis Allen, in turn, presented plaques of appreciation
to Steve and Tony Gay. Also, at the awards ceremony Dick Felder won the raffle

One incident of note occurred: Gary Deariso slashed his finger while cutting
hamburger patties apart. While he was being taken to the hospital, other
members debated whether they should fly the traditional "Missing Finger
Formation." The matter was tabled until the next meeting when the club would
decide exactly how to position the aircraft for this formation.


1996 Wrens Fly-in

Allen wins contest at Wrens Fly-In

In a contest that thrilled spectators and amazed and awed fellow aviators, Dennis Allen, in
his Cessna 172 N2435L, won the spot landing contest at the Wrens Fly-In on May 11.
While his competitors, Al Newman, Jim Truly, Bob Rhodes and Steve Thompson all landed
short of the white chalk mark on the runway, Allen easily landed a mere  40 feet past the
mark. When he was questioned, Allen said that he had not practiced the spot landing at
Wrens beforehand. It was noted that while the other competitors  made a standard approach
for their final to the eastern end of the runway, Allen skillfully cut across a grove of trees
south of and parallel to the runway and started his final about 800 feet west of the eastern
end of the runway. At the awards ceremony Allen said that he was donating the monetary
award to Chapter 172 but was "keeping the trophy."



April 1996

Minutes of the Meeting for EAA Chapter 172 for April 11, 1996

The meeting was called to order by President Dennis Allen. The financial report
was given by the Treasurer, David Parrish, as follows: $3,000+ in the checking
account, about $300 in petty cash, $110 made at Thomson, and about $600 more
in uncashed checks.  President Allen thanked Don Murphy for preparing to
food for the meeting.

Old Business:  Bob Rhodes said that EAA 172 members at Sun'n Fun will meet
daily at noon at the flagpole in front of the FAA building.

The B-17 visit to Thomson was discussed. President Allen thanked those who
helped out. We sold 21 B-17 flights but had to refund some money since  part
of the schedule was cancelled because of the weather -- cold and wet.

The Wrens Fly-In is on May 11. The Class I insurance policy (which costs
nothing extra) does not allow many extra planned activities including anything
dropped from aircraft so flour bombing is out. Even the Class II or III policy
which costs at least $200 extra does not allow dropping things. Spot landing
contests are allowed.  Wyman Fox was made Chairman of the Fly-in and Al
Patton will be the Airboss. The Unicom frequency will be 122.9 MHZ. Shaw
Airforce Base, which is responsible for the airspace for Bulldog MOAs A, B and
D around the Wrens airport will stop any military training activities north of
33 degrees N latitude in the Bulldog area from 4:00 PM on Friday, May 10,
through  9:00 PM on Saturday, May 11, the day of the Fly-In. The restriction
on the military will apply to altitudes 5000 feet AGL or lower. Also military
flights that normally use the Military Training Routes VR97 and VR1059 over
that area will be restricted. Everyone was asked to pass the word about the fly-
in and to bring their aircraft to show and/or fly.

New Business: President Allen asked who was going to Oshkosh this summer.

More items about the Wrens airport were brought up. The model airplane
people who use part of the field had asked to use the office area once a month
for a meeting. This was approved and left to the Wrens airport committee to
handle details such as the time, date and also securing the hangar area with a
lock. Also discussed were the uses for the Wrens hangar. It will be used for both
some building projects and for aircraft storage.

A special plaque for certain people who had shown great support for aviation
was brought up by Keith Robbins. This was approved and the plaques will be
presented at the May 11th Wrens Fly-In.

President Allen mentioned the Alexander workshops. He has some information
on this. The cost ranges from $149 to $199.

Program:  Keith Robbins presented the evening's program.


March 1996

Minutes of the Meeting for EAA Chapter 172 for March 14, 1996

The meeting was called to order at 7:32 PM by President Dennis Allen. The
financial report was given by the Treasurer, David Parrish, as follows: $4,427.20
in the checking account, $248 in petty cash. There were 30 members present
along with three guests. Visitors included Johnny Greene and John Lockart.
The Chapter acknowledged Pierre Smith as a former member who rejoined the
Chapter. The minutes were approved as read [Addition to the February
minutes: The Chapter unanimously welcomed Bob Smith and Channel 12 as
members]. Identifying patches were given to all the officers and to Wyman Fox
as the Young Eagles Coordinator and Al Patton as the Newsletter Editor. Al also
received an identifying patch for being the Chapter Tech Counselor. President
Allen remarked that there were still 24 or 25 tickets left for B-17 rides.

Old Business: The Wrens airport facility contract was distributed and discussed.
A motion was made by Earl Hildebrant and seconded by Wyman Fox to accept
the contract. The motion was approved with only one negative vote. The
members approved a committee to take charge of business matters pertaining
to the Wrens hangar and offices. This committee consists of Earl Hildebrant, Al
Patton and John Magnan. Secretary John Magnan will act as liaison between
the Chapter and the City of Wrens.

Plans were made for the B-17 visit to Thomson on March 28 to April 1.
Members will take the concession trailer and sell food and drinks. Volunteers
were requested for persons to take admission money and give tours. The cost
will be $5 per adult, $4 for each child and $10 for each family. Tours will be
from 1:00PM

Program:  A video (featuring Greg Hodges) on aerobatic training by North
American Top Gun, Inc.  was shown. The meeting adjourned at 8:57 PM.
Program:  A video (featuring Greg Hodges) on aerobatic training by North
American Top Gun, Inc.  was shown. The meeting adjourned at 8:57 PM. to
dusk. The Chapter will receive $35 for each flight and 20% of the take from the
tours. There should be four flights daily Friday through Sunday. Tables and
chairs will be brought to Thomson since there will be a big cookout Saturday
evening, March 30th, for the Chapter and the Pilot's Club. President Allen
requested that as many members as possible show up for the cookout.

New Business: A fly-in at the Wrens airport was discussed. The members
unanimously approved Saturday, May 11, as being the date for the fly-in.
Advertisements will be made. Members planned to meet with the Wrens City
Airport Committee in the next week or two to coordinate activities.

Money was allocated for a refrigerator, cook top, grill, french frier and whatever
else was needed for the concession trailer. It was moved, seconded and passed
unanimously that $1,000 be set aside for this.

Program:  President Allen presented brochures on the Sun'n Fun Fly-In. The
meeting ended with a videotape which gave instructions on approaches etc. to
Lakeland. The meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.


February 1996

Minutes of the Meeting for EAA Chapter 172 for February 8, 1996

The meeting was called to order at 7:46 PM by President Dennis Allen. The
minutes of the January 11, 1996, meeting were accepted as written. The
financial report was given by the Treasurer, David Parrish, as follows:
$3,698.28 in the checking account and $356.00 in cash. There were 29
members present (who signed in) along with 4 guests. Visitors included
Dudley Bowen, Sr. and David Fields, the chairman of the Boshears Fly-In.
The Chapter welcomed new member George Odom of Waynesboro.
President Allen mentioned that the EAA calendars and patches were still
available for $5.00 each. There would be a seminar on aircraft techniques in
Griffith, Georgia, on March 2nd and 3rd. There was also an upcoming Piper
registration seminar at the Athens airport. Lists of members with their
addresses were given out. June 8 will be International Young Eagles Day.

Old Business: The lists of equipment/tools which the Chapter might buy
should be given to Rich Gabor at the next meeting. The June fly-in at the Pea
Patch would be discussed at the next meeting.  Also, at the next meeting, the
Wrens airport office facilities and hangar leasing would be on the agenda.

New Business: Dan Silliman proposed that the Chapter cover the ailerons of
the DC-3 at the Richmond County Museum as a project. The motion was
amended to include recovering the tail section. The motion was seconded and
approved unanimously.

David Fields, the Boshears chairman, was introduced and spoke about the
upcoming Boshears Fly-In. He said that he needs the help of the Chapter. He
also wants to have many aircraft, including Classics, at the fly-in. There will
be camping on the field. Keith Robbins volunteered to be in charge of the
camping. The Boshears ad should be in Air & Space and other aircraft-
oriented magazines. There was much discussion about past problems with
the FAA and others at Boshears  and that ultralights and gyroplanes should
be allowed on the field. Fields said he will work with the FAA and other
authorities to alleviate any problems. He was given suggestions as to whom to
contact about waivers for fly-bys and other flight activities.

President Allen brought up the B-17 visit March 28 to April 1. The Chapter
will be responsible for details on the ground. Dennis Allen will be chairman
for the B-17 visit. Press kits etc. will be sent to him. Vice-President Ken
Rayburn will be in charge of equipment. John Magnan will attempt to get
EAA merchandise brought in on the B-17. A motion was made, seconded and
passed unanimously to have "something" like a cookout the Saturday night
of the B-17 visit. It was mentioned that the Chapter is not obligated to pay
anything if not enough Flight Crew memberships are sold. The national EAA
will make it up at some other stop on the B-17 tour. Flight Crew
memberships are $495 and include taking a turn at the controls, an 8" x 10"
photo and a flight jacket. Anyone who flew the B-17 before can have a
second trip for $395. EAA Chapter 12 will buy a ticket. The CSRA Pilot's
Club will raffle off a ticket. A motion was made and seconded that EAA 172
sell chances for a ride on the B-17. The raffle tickets will cost $10. The motion
passed unanimously. Nine raffle tickets were sold by the end of the meeting.

Program:  A video (featuring Greg Hodges) on aerobatic training by North
American Top Gun, Inc.  was shown. The meeting adjourned at 8:57 PM.


January 1996

Minutes of the Meeting for EAA Chapter 172 for January 11, 1996

The meeting was called to order at 7:28 PM by President Dennis Allen. The
financial report was given by the Treasurer, David Parrish, as follows:
$3,245.02 in the checking account, $56.32 in petty cash and about $700
received as dues. There were 35 members present along with five guests.
Visitors included Jerry Mackey and Rick Lazenby from Augusta. The
Chapter welcomed new member H. Gregory Lindsey. A special plaque was
awarded to outgoing president Keith Robbins for his three years of service as
president by the new president Dennis Allen.

Old Business: Calendars are available for $5 each, there are 75 calendars left.
Chapter badges (patches) are also $5 each. We will get the trailer the middle
of January. John Magnan brought up the Wrens airport hanger and office
proposal. A letter had been sent to the Wrens City Council. No return letter
had been received. Rich Gabor asked if anyone had filled out the form he
gave them in November which asked for a list of tools and equipment  the
Chapter could purchase. Some members had forgotten the list and will bring
it to the next meeting. The Chapter now owns a shear, brake and drill press
for the members' use. A motion was made by Wyman Fox and seconded by
Rich Gabor to purchase an air compressor at Sams for $370. The motion
passed unanimously. During the first weekend of the year Wyman Fox and
Dennis Allen gave orientation flights to 34 new Young Eagles.  A letter has
been received indicating  that EAA 172 is in the top ten percent for the
Young Eagles' program.

New Business: We  have been given the opportunity to sponsor a return of
the B-17 to Augusta between March 27 and April 1 (the EAA B-17 will not
be at the Boshears Fly-In this year).  The Chapter will need to sell at least 36
rides at $495 each. A motion for a commitment to this was made by Wyman
Fox and seconded by Charlie Connell. The motion passed 16-0. President
Dennis Allen asked for a committee to be formed to work on ideas for future
programs for the Chapter meetings. Keith Robbins, Charlie Connell and
Rich Gabor volunteered to be on that committee. A discussion was held
about having a cookout for the March weekend when the B-17 would be
here. The members also talked about a pancake breakfast some Saturday.
President Allen brought up the possibility of a fly-in in June. This will be
discussed at the next meeting. One member brought up the fact that
Alexander Aeroplane Company in Griffin, GA, had been purchased by
Aircraft Spruce and would now be called Aircraft Spruce East. A mention
was made about NPRM No. 95-11 -- concerning  changes in the requirements
for the recreational pilot's license, pilot and flight instructor certification and
training requirements (among other things) -- that some of the proposals
would unnecessarily complicate members' current certificates and ratings.

Program: Tech Counselor Al Patton presented an informative program about
the Whittman crash - applying fabric covering correctly and a detailed
explanation of what a pilot's rights are during a ramp check.
The meeting adjourned at 8:32 PM followed by a videotape on the B-17.


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