This movie is called Lafayette Escadrille with Clint Eastwood (I bet you didn't know he flew a Nieuport!) Tab Hunter, Tom Laughlin and David Janssen (which makes the movie to have a star-studded cast). Mr. Showbiz Movie Guide  lists and reviews it:

Lafayette Escadrille

The Movie

War, Romance, 1958; 93 minutes USA

Corny and melodramatic story about an American boy (Hunter) who runs away to France and joins the Foreign Legion.

(Rated NR)



  • Raymond Bailey
  • Etchika Choureau
  • Marcel Dalio
  • Dennis Devine
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Paul Fix
  • Brett Halsey
  • Bob Hover
  • Tab Hunter
  • Will Hutchins
  • David Janssen
  • Tom Laughlin
  • Maurice Marsac
  • Jody McCrea
  • Henry Nakamura
  • George Nardelli
  • Veola Vonn
  • William Wellman, Jr.
  • Producer:  William A. Wellman
    Director:  William A. Wellman, William Wellman
    Writer:  A.S. Fleischman
    Editor:  Owen Marks
    Music:  Leonard Rosenman
    Art Director:  John Beckman

    Mr. Showbiz Movie Guide gives it a rating of 31/100.

    VideoFlicks at  gives a nicer synopsis of the Lafayette Escadrille movie: A GROUP OF ACE PILOTS FLYING FOR FRANCE IN THE EARLY YEARS OF WORLD WAR I ENCOUNTER ROMANCE AS WELL AS WAR. Videoflicks is asking $11.99 for the movie.

    REEL CITY at  makes it sound like a different movie with this:        

    Plot Summary: The famous French flying legion, manned by American volunteers, fights in the skies over Europe during WWII. Their leader romances a prostitute with a heart of gold.       

    They want $12.99 for the video.

    And finally (for the movie) one of those on the Nieuportbuilder's List did purchase the video and reviewed it for Here is his review:

    From: Norm Labhart <> To: Nieuportbuilders.

    Hi, Squadron, I found a video tape from called Lafayette Escadrille. Only 12 bucks, so I bought it. I just reviewed it for Amazon. Here is what I submitted from Kentucky, USA, August 27, 1998:

    American Movie Classic type movie, not an airplane movie. This video was interesting in a couple of areas. It has early appearances from Clint Eastwood, Tom Laughlin (Billy Jack) and David Janssen. Some of the early training flights are interesting in their realism. But it is not a movie for airplane buffs. Or WW1 historians. Or war movie fans. It is a love story based on a young American boy, who makes some mistakes, fights with his father, and runs off to join the war. While there, he falls in love, makes more mistakes, grows up, repents, etc.... everyone lives happily ever after. American Movie Classic buffs will enjoy it (once). Airplane buffs will hate it (wrong airplanes). WW 1 buffs will hate it (no history here, except opening credits). War movie buffs will hate it (they call that a battle scene?) Two stars is all I can give.


    Escadrille Lafayette History page

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