1998 Boshears in Review

The 1998 Boshears Air Show and Fly-In will stand as one of the best ever. During the three days of the Show (September 25-27) at least 30,000 people attended and well over 100 general aviation aircraft were present. By Saturday afternoon there were four rows of GA aircraft covering the space from the auto parking down to the Warbirds area. On Saturday the flight line crew was nearly overwhelmed by the volume of aircraft. Also the primary food vendors at the beginning of the walkway -- the EAA 172 Food Trailer and the Little Orbit Doughnuts concession were beset by lengthy lines of customers all day Saturday, so much so that both of those vendors nearly ran out of food, water, sodas and ice several times and had to quickly obtain more from the on-field supply or local stores. The many small shops just behind the Warbirds area were extremely busy both Saturday and Sunday. The people mover trailers were crowded whenever they were in operation. The auto parking area had to be extended to hold the volume of cars that came.

Clyde Schnars and his RV-6A
Clyde Schnars stands next to his RV-6A, the Grand Champion of the 1998 Boshears Air Show. Clyde said that he finished the RV-6A in 1996 and that he and his family built it. It's the second aircraft he has built and he "finally got it right." 
Many EAA 172 members carried everything needed for the fly-in over to Daniel Field all day Friday and then set things up. Among them were Dennis Allen, Charlie Connell, Mark Slone, O.B. Brown, Al Patton and others. John Magnan prepared the posters. During the three days of the Fly-in/Air Show EAA 172 members were prominent in handling the flight line, parking, volunteers, people movers, aircraft protection, the Young Eagles tent, the Food Trailer and most of the other aspects of the air show. It is impossible to list all of them but foremost in the many activities were Chuck Whigham, Dennis Allen, Keith Robbins, Keith Brock, Bob Rhodes, David Jones, Rich Gabor, Gerald Ballard, and many more members who handled the overall activities; Fay Allen, Maureen Rhodes, Sheila Connell, Betty Hammer, Lilly Robbins, Joyce Newman and others who cooked, prepared and sold the food from the food trailer as well as O.B. Brown, Tom Collins, Gary Deariso, Al Douglas, Freeman Newman, and Al Newman who cooked the meats; Wade Hammer, Greg Connell, Tom Whisnant, Charlie Connell, John Magnan and others who drove the people movers or collected donations; David Parrish, Gary Deariso, one other (name unknown) and three from the Confederate Air Force who handled the pyrotechnics; Richelle Phillips, Randy Powell, Bill Mauck, Don Murphy, A.W. Schoenfelder, two from the Jefferson County Flyer's Club and others who handled all-around duties; Ken Rayburn, Ron Netzer, Tom Garcia, Charlie Connell, Greg Connell and many more who manned the flight line; Wyman Fox and others who ran the Young Eagles tent; Ann Netzer and Jamail Larkin and other Young Eagles who helped at the registration desk; and, of course, Gary Ward who performed aerobatics in the air show. Thanks go out to everyone who helped out!
John McDavid and his T-28
Explosion by David Parrish and Gary Deariso
Larry Goodins and his Piper Vagabond
John McDavid proudly stands in front of his T-28 after winning the Warbird First Place award.
Pyrotechnicians David Parrish and Gary Deariso finally have their explosion "fix" so we're safe for another year!
Larry Goodins stands with his Piper Vagabond after winning the Antique/Classic First Place award.

Awards at the 1998 Boshears Airshow, September 25-27

T-28 --- N328RB
John McDavid
Manning, SC 
Piper Vagabond
Karen & Larry Goodins
Ridgeland, SC
RV-6A --- N41CS
Clyde Schnars
Roswell, GA
L-19 --- N143F
Wayne Wire
Lenoir, NC
Piper Pacer
Tom Patton
Martinez, GA
Skybolt --- N101DB
Dudley Bowen
Augusta, GA
T-6 --- N9705N
Bill Elkins
Aiken, SC
Aeronca 7AC
Al Newman
Augusta, GA
RV-6A --- N27WR
W. R. Mauck
North Augusta, SC
SNJ-5 --- N777AP
J.M Fagundes
LaGrange, GA
Taylorcraft --- N26518
Bob Rhodes
Augusta, GA
Rick Bell
Augusta, GA

BEST OF SHOW: RV-6A Clyde Schnars

AVIATOR OF THE YEAR: Gerald M. Ballard

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