Next Meeting Agenda
Our next event is  . . .
Saturday, January 13, 2018
  12:30 PM
at the Pea Patch Aerodrome (61GA)
EAA 172 -- Chili Cook-Off
We plan to have a delicious chili meal in the heated comfort of the EAA 172 Clubhouse. At least seven club members will bring their favorite chilis. Members will sample them and determine which chili is the best.

Fly-in if you can! 

To increase attendance at our meetings or events, EAA 172 has changed its meeting day to the  SECOND SATURDAY of the month (except for special occasions).  The eating time at the events with meals is at 12:30 PM September through March and at 11:30 AM April through August.  But come earlier, maybe around 10:30 AM, to talk and look at the aircraft projects etc. In March, May, and October the EAA 172 event will be at Daniel Field in Augusta, Georgia. In September we will have a fly-in on the 16th with food vendors at the Wrens Memorial Airport (65J). Also, at least two times a year we will have an event at the Augusta Aviation FBO building at Daniel Field in Augusta, Georgia (DNL).

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