Wrens, GA/EAA Chapter 172
O.B. Brown Memorial Fly-in

The 2004 Wrens O.B. Brown Memorial Fly-In started out with rain and stormy weather on Friday, April 30th. The rain continued on Saturday but cleared up by 1:00 PM and we had warm weather, sunny skies dotted with puffy cumulus clouds throughout the rest of the day. On Saturday morning we had visitors from EAA 1313 and EAA 330 (Effingham County, Georgia). Also a number of visitors from the Wrens area were there. Because the morning rain looked as though it would continue throughout the rest of the day, some EAA 172 members left by 2:00 PM. 

But then, with the beautiful weather that started in the early afternoon, the real fly-in began . . . 

The first motorhome had arrived early on Thursday, April 29. Tom Garcia started connecting up the wiring for his and other motorhomes soon to arrive. Terry Evans came next and he helped Tom with the wiring. Mark Slone and John Magnan had been working at the Wrens airport the past several weeks preparing the fields -- mowing, cleaning up, doing the paperwork, putting up signs and markers, arranging for the portalets, clearing the skies of F-15s & F-16s as well as hooking up the motorhome wiring attached inside the Wrens hangar. O.B. Brown's widow, Allene, made sure the advertising went out to the newspaper and radio station.  On Friday Tom and Terry brought the food trailer and Randy Powell and his wife, Jennie, and daughter Brandi helped setting things up for the fish fry that evening. Maureen Rhodes and the Aerospouses were there to help. The EAA 172 members who enjoyed the fish fry and trimmings had plenty to eat. All were anticipating the fly-in which officially starts on Saturday, May 1st.
Many club members left the Wrens Fly-in early because the weather was bad. Young Eagles Coordinator Larry Garner flew in but the weather was poor and he could not fly any Young Eagles. Then, after they left, the weather became fantastic for flying -- warm, little wind, puffy cumulus clouds. So those who stayed flew and flew and flew. Others looked over the aircraft and talked with the builders/pilots.

We had visitors from EAA Chapter 1313 (also the Georgia-Carolina PRA Chapter 13) including their Chapter president Ray Pierce as well as EAA 330 from Effingham County, Georgia, with their president, Wayne McCullough.  Terry Stout, in his Rans S-12, chased Ralph Powell, in his Nieuport 11, all over the sky, and never caught him (ed. note: I think Terry eased up on the throttle so that he never caught up to Ralph, but don't tell Ralph!)

Sidney Brown, the son of Allene and O.B. Brown, did a lot of fast taxiing with the Challenger I and just about broke ground. John Sligar tested his recently upgraded Pitbull Autogyro but decided not to take off on Saturday.

Those who remained at the fly-in were able to fly throughout the afternoon and early evening.

John Sligar, Allene Brown and Todd Day looking at John's Pitbull
Members telling lies during the fly-in.
Terry Stout taking off in his Rans S-12
John Sligar, Allene Brown and Todd Day looking at John's Pitbull Autogyro.
EAA 172 members sitting around and telling lies during the fly-in.
Terry Stout taking off in his Rans S-12.
Ralph Powell hand propping his Nieuport 11
Watching the aircraft
Ralph Powell hand-propping his Nieuport 11.
Visitors watching the aircraft.
Part of the flightline -- L to R: Pitbull (you can see just the nose), Ray Trenter's Nieuport 11, Sid Brown's Challenger I.

Two Nieuport 11s Sid Brown taxiing the Challenger I to the runway Ralph's Nieuport 11 landing
Ralph Powell and Ray Trenter's
Nieuport 11s. 
Sid Brown taxiing the Challenger I to the runway. Ralph's Nieuport 11 landing..

Terry Stout chasing Ralph Powell
John Sligar and his Pitbull autogyro.
Sidney Brown in the Challenger I

Ralph (left) outrunning Terry (right).
John Sligar and his Pitbull autogyro.
Sid Brown in the Challenger I.

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